• 提交完整的 网上入学申请. (一些程序, such as all health-related programs and Veterinary Technology, 需要额外的申请.)
  • Submit all required documents before the start of classes to 海因兹社区学院, bet体育官方中文版办公室, P.O. 邮编39154号雷蒙德区1100号信箱:
    • Submit the 官方 transcript from the last school attended: either high school, 大学, 或同等学历.
    • 提交你的官方ACT成绩(学校代码2198). If you haven’t taken the ACT, take the Accuplacer for free at any 希德 campus. If you have attended 大学 and successfully completed at least three credit hours of English and three credit hours of math, 一般入学可能不需要考试成绩.
  • 当你提交入学文件时, log back into your Applicant Portal to view your admission status and action items.

After your application is approved by the bet体育官方中文版办公室, you’ll receive an acceptance letter sent to the email address provided on your application. This will include your student ID and instructions for accessing your My.希德和导航器学生账户.

记录提示: 只接受正式文件. 学习如何提交 官方 成绩单和录取文件.

2)登录My.希德 & 导航器

My.希德是您的学生帐户的门户. It’s the 官方 location for you to view and use 大学 resources, 比如你的希德邮件, 您的导航帐户, 住房门户网站, 校历, 学生手册, 和更多的. 来自我.希德仪表板, 你会进入导航器, 你在哪里管理你的学生信息, 金融援助, 帐户余额, 课程表, 和更多的.

  • my.laimaoyx.com and log in using the instructions in your acceptance letter.
  • 开始使用你的My.希德帐户 frequently to get familiar with 大学 tools and check your 希德 email. 你@laimaoyx.com email will be the 官方 method of communication for 希德 after you register for classes.
  • 来自我.希德仪表板, click on the button to access your student information and take care of 大学 business.



  • Onboarding prepares you for enrollment and allows you to set up your student preferences and establish residency in one place!
  • 登录 My.希德 然后在仪表板上点击导航器按钮. This takes you to your 导航器 account which is full of your student information.
  • Inside 导航器, click on your Inbox to start completing your Onboarding action items.

新员工培训建议: 入职包含几个操作项, but it is also important because it is w在这里 you establish residency. If you are a Mississippi resident and would like to pay in-状态 tuition, complete Onboarding as soon as you receive an email notification to do so.


  • 应用 early for 金融援助 in order to avoid missing deadlines. 我们建议申请以下项目:
  • 提交FAFSA后,请登录My.单击导航器按钮. In 导航器, click on “财务状况” to view your action items.
  • Complete any additional documents requested and submit them to the Office of 金融援助. 有些文档可以直接上传到导航器!
  • When your 金融援助 action items are complete, your offer letter will be posted in 导航器.


  • When registration opens for the semester in which you plan to enroll, you must speak with a 希德 Advisor to register for classes, 但在被告知并注册课程之前, 你必须提交以下资料:
    • First-time 大学 students must submit 官方 ACT scores or take the Accuplacer.
    • College transfer students must submit an 官方 大学 transcript showing completion of three credit hours of English and three credit hours of Math. If 大学 credit has not been received in both English and Math, 提交官方ACT成绩或参加Accuplacer考试.
  • 提交要求后, you may initiate advisement and registration in one of these ways: 1) simply visit any 希德 location during business hours to see an Advisor, 或者你可以提出要求 远程深思熟虑. 如果您要求远程咨询, an Advisor will reach out to you several business days later via your 希德 email account.
  • Please note: all new 希德 students or returning students who have not attended 希德 for at least one semester will not be able to register themselves in 导航器. You must first be advised by a 希德 Advisor to register for classes.
  • Current students (excluding dual enrolled students) can register for classes in 导航器. 然而, if you need advisement or help with your program of study, 我们邀请您与顾问一起参观!
  • After registering for classes, you will have a balance due for tuition and fees.


    • 在导航器帐户中查看您的分项报表. 纸质账单不邮寄.
    • 每学期应在公布的截止日期前付款. 重要的观点 日期.
    • You must complete one of the following payment arrangements by the deadline:
      • 获得财政援助(联邦, 状态, MPACT, 贷款, 退伍军人福利, 和/或奖学金)支付所有费用. You are responsible for any fees not covered by 金融援助 – OR –
      • 在你的个人账户中设置一个自动付款计划.希德帐户. – OR –
      • 用现金、支票或信用卡支付全部余额.


    Residence halls are offered on our 雷蒙德 and 尤蒂卡 campuses.

    • 登录My.希德 and click on the Res Life buton to submit the online housing application. 在你提交住房申请时, your account will be charged a non-refundable room reservation fee.
    • Before moving into a residence hall, you must complete all of the following:
      • 注册15个或更多学分.
      • Show proof of full payment for tuition, room, board, and other fees.


    • Log in to your 导航器 account regularly to manage your student information.
    • 定期查看你的电子邮件. Your 希德 email is the 官方 method of communication for all 大学 business. 我们使用Outlook电子邮件,可以从您的My访问.希德仪表板.
    • 上课前你的学生证做好了吗. 详情可在 在这里.
      • You’ll need to bring a picture ID and your 课程表.
    • 安排取书时间:
      • You will be charged for textbooks at the time you register for classes, and our Barnes & 贵族书店将准备你的书包! 开学前一个月, you will receive an email in your 希德 email account instructing you to select your delivery preference of in-store pick-up or ship directly to you, 但任何数字材料都将在Canvas中发送. 获取更多信息或选择退出 书的包.
    • On-campus students: purchase a parking decal at your campus business office.
      • 带上你的学生证和车牌信息. (网上学生不需要停车贴.)
    • Find out w在这里 your classes are located by downloading your 校园地图.