Natural Gas Safety Announcement

希德 Community College provides natural gas through two meters on the Raymond campus and one on the 尤蒂卡 Campus. 希德 Community College is mandated by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to maintain and provide gas to all 希德 facilities that is of good pressure, 体积, and that is safe to the campuses and the surrounding communities.

With natural gas lines underground, 希德 does have hazards due to the age of piping, new construction, and natural causes. 希德 takes many precautions to reduce these hazards to a minimum. The PSC mandates 希德 Community College to take certain precautions. 希德 Community College has even taken extra measures to add to the reduction of hazards.

Some of the measures include: Once a year 希德 Maintenance Department checks all underground lines for leaks and corrosion at the Raymond and 尤蒂卡 campuses. 也, every month the Maintenance Department tests to ensure that 希德 has the proper levels of odorant. This is to detect any natural gas leaks that can be identified by smell.

Several of our employees from the Raymond and 尤蒂卡 campuses are trained and tested every 12-15 months in leak surveying, cathodic protection, and how to test the odorant in the lines. 希德 Community College is also a member of the Mississippi One can System. This is to ensure that if there is any digging or new construction, 希德 will receive notification and then the Maintenance Department will mark all gas lines in the designated areas.

There are several ways to detect if there is a gas leak on campus.

  • By smell – When a gas leak gets airborne, it has a rotten egg smell.
  • Dead vegetation – When a leak is underground, it takes oxygen out of the soil and kills the vegetation in the surrounding area.

If any of these signs are noticed by faculty, staff or students please call 601857.3433 on the Raymond Campus and 601.885.7080 on the 尤蒂卡 Campus. The individual who answers the phone will submit a gas-leak work order. There will be an immediate response from the Maintenance Department following your call.

For any additional information please contact

  • Jesse Jones: 601-857-3567, or
  • Campus Police: 601-857-3911.